I’m from rags to Riches’: The Death Of Jay-Z

This article struck me hard. I personally and I’m sure a lot of individuals do respect Jay- Z not only as a rapper but as a person in general. I feel like he is one of the best examples of a hustler. Unfortunately the youth think of this word as Urban dictionary as “someone who knows how to get money from others. selling drugs,rolling dice,pimpin. your hustlin for that money.” Has Jay done these things to get money ? Yes he makes that very clear, however he took that money and invested it in his goals and dreams in order to get out of the hood and surpass his struggles and the stereotypes of black men living in the ghetto. He still till this day refers to himself as a hustler but now this word is defined as  “an enterprising person determined to succeed; go-getter”  the way it’s defined at dictionary.com.
      The title of this article is deceiving and actually the first pages are too. ” Death  of Jay-Z” is not what I call a diss but its more of a rebirth , re-invention, and all together is just a way of Jay-Z saying he has grown up. He is now Sean Cater ; I’m  not a businessman, I’m a Business, man  <— ( his lyrics lol I thought it was a cool tie-in ).
     Sean Carter never let’s people forget where he’s from not to say he thinks this place is better than any other but I think to remind his fans and other  specifically that he started from the bottom and now is on top. Just because you grew up a certain way or certain area gives you an excuse to be a product of your environment. As far as his videos go I think that stations like MTV don’t give viewers enough credit to come up with their own judgements or perspectives  . In the article it stares that Jay says whiles shooting  he is playing a character well that character may not be him but someone can relate to that character. I think a lot of  audiences who watch his videos with gun violence even most kids aren’t phased by it because they have witnesses it first hand.
      There’s always a reasoning behind everything that goes on with                 Jay-Z  he has been in the business long enough that he has become a master as marketing himself and his label and running businesses he went from being rich which is temporary  to being wealthy.
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One thought on “I’m from rags to Riches’: The Death Of Jay-Z

  1. I agree that the “Death of Jay-Z” is like a “rebirth.” Jay-Z’s rise to fame is the quintessential rags to riches story. Fuchs states in her article that young youths follow these rappers and engage in the violence they listen to because their favorite artist are rapping about it. However, I feel that Jay-Z is trying to show that although he was involved with that kind of lifestyle, he has changed himself for the better. He tells a story to his fans and tries to show them that no matter what you may have been through in life, you can change it around. He is the co-owner of the Brooklyn Nets, has a clothing line, owns a bar/club in the city, and he always gives back to the community.

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