Hey everyone,

I wanted to show this trailer during my presentation but didn’t have enough time.

check it out. One of the most amazing game trailers I have seen. Great score as well.

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3 thoughts on “Videogames

  1. Definitely one of the better trailers for a video game out there. The music set the mood and made for an amazing trailer. Made me really want the game but unfortunately it got bad reviews.

  2. Pineapples !!! I don’t like it it’s too violent for me and explicit. However great choice of music to go along with the dramatization. Music has a great impact on making you feel a certain way. The video itself is horrifying but the music makes you feel sad at the same time. It’s amazing how long of a way graphics came from the early 90’s to now its so realistic it’s scary.

  3. I watched this whole thing scared, this looks awesome its amazing how far video games have come. Also i would like to mention that the suddle music makes the trailor seem more scary

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