Killing Me Softly with His Song

I really enjoyed how this reading broke down sound and music as more than what we think of it today. I found it interesting how influential music is to the psyche. The way unified the sound of thousands of men installed fear in others is crazy to me. Also the part of using music as a sign of territory is so smart because it uses music or sound as that universal language that everyone can understand. It made me think of how music used to be, for example, southern music vs New York music, you can tell before the rapper starts reciting their lyrics where they are from instantly. Of course today different styles or genre of music is being mixed and used by all. Also gangs used songs and sounds to mark their territory and let others know don’t come here.
Reading this article really reminded me about this story I saw on a talk show. Since the article mentioned a holocaust survivor and one of the torture methods was that loud obnoxious screeching sound to manipulated them I thought this story would be a positive note. Back to my story, A holocaust survivor made it through life because she was inspired by the infamous song I will survive by Gloria Gaynor. It was so beautiful because the woman met Gloria and the song I will survive was sung live. It was very emotional .

I know this article is about using sound and/or music to oppress or torture but I thought I’d spread a little positivity.

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