Music as torture

There is an incredible amount of irony to the fact that music, something created by artists in order to invoke enjoyment in others, could be used to torture. It reminds me a lot of a famous Monty Python sketch where someone writes a joke that is so funny that anyone who reads it laughs so much that they actually die. The british army realizes the deadly potential of this joke and figures out how to use it as a weapon. They have it translated into German so that British soldiers can say the joke in German and not understand it but the German soldiers hearing it would die. One would never think that one would use comedy as a weapon just like nobody would usually think of music as a weapon. It also reminds me of another Monty Python sketch where someone is being tortured during interrogation by being forced to sit in a comfy chair. That’s what it seems like being tortured with music would be like. Although of course in reality it’s done more specifically through hours of repetition of typically unpleasant sounding music it’s not really like that, rather it sounds like it’s quite atrocious.

Here are the 2 Monty Python sketches:

Joke Warfare:

Comfy chair torture:



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