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I try to listen to a lot of different music and going on music forums is my favorite thing to do. I’m a big Redditor as well so I like to use to find new music or search other music related “subreddits” to find new stuff. I have always had an eclectic music taste with my taste in music changing constantly depending on what mood I’m in. Mood music is something I’m really into so check out as well for new music. I’m curious as to what sites you guys use to find new music or if you just find music through word of mouth by friends. I’m always interested in listening to new music such as Electro-Swing or anything else that catches my interest. Benji showed me Connan Mockasin recently who my friend and I got really into so tell me about any music sites you’re into (if you are) or check out the links I put in the article to expand your musical horizons.

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  1. I also have found that reddit is a great place for finding and discussing music. I’ve checked out a few threads there over the years and found communities for music that I dig but rarely find others to discuss it with. I keep up with a few music-centered blogs like Stereogum and BrooklynVegan and tend to find new music mostly from articles on their site about upcoming shows or new records being released.

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