The Visual Medium and Music

I watch A LOT of television and movies and I find a lot of new music through listening to music in the background emphasizing the specific scene going on. One band I found recently is an underground band in the UK called “Johnny Foreigner” who immediately captured my attention. I was watching “Shameless” on Showtime and they played one of their songs called Absolute Balance. I’ve come across many new artists this way such as Alberta Cross from watching Californication (also Showtime) and Cold War Kids from Entourage. Have you guys found any cool music this way or do you tend to not pay attention to the music that much when watching a show? For me the score and soundtrack are very important and play crucial parts in portraying the mood of the show and emphasizing certain actions. The next time you watch a movie or show and hear the music pay attention and see if its appropriate towards that scene because I’ve also seen some poor soundtrack choices in shows and movies.

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One thought on “The Visual Medium and Music

  1. Funny you bring this up, cause I’m actually a big fan of Shameless and I always liked their choice in music for the show. I’ve never taken the time to look up the songs I’ve heard on the show, but a lot of their soundtracks have stood out to me more than most other shows.

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