Understanding the Pleasures of Wars Audio-vision

First off all these technical music vocabulary went over my head however I get what Mathew sumera was explaining. The music used in “Die Terrorist Die” and “Taliban Bodies” is used as a form of mind control. The mind unconsciously associates songs like die motherfucker die with specific images after seeing these movies. I found it creepy how solders are manipulated by music . The fact that certain songs are used to amp up soldiers in order to kill with this rage and adrenalin is disturbing to me. Of coarse if we are at war it’s kill or be killed but the way it’s sounding to me in this article is that the music is so that they get excited to kill the “enemy” rather than kill because they have no other choice because they have to defend themselves.

I find it interesting how this music is not controversial and rap artists such as Eminem (one of the most controversial rappers ever) got a lot of heat for his lyrics. Rap gets heat for a lot of teen violence especially in African American/ Latino communities.

Do we really live in a society where we can get amped for killing the “enemy” but killing a neighbor is wrong. Does America see itself as superior than every other country ? Another thing is that somewhere in the world Miley Cirus is twerking and viewers are shocked and appalled but clips of war and people chopping other’s heads off is cool. Priorities are mixed up here.

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One thought on “Understanding the Pleasures of Wars Audio-vision

  1. Welcome to America the land of hypocrites. I totally agree with how we have our soldiers brainwashed to fight the enemy which americans don’t seem to care about at all and meanwhile we are abhorrent to the violence of our neighbors and more prominent problems within our country. America definitely sees itself as superior to other countries. I believe I read that America ranked below a lot of nations in educational areas such as english, math, and science (not first in any area) but we ranked first in our thinking that we were above all the other countries in these areas.

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